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ROB’s BLOG – 555% has arrived!

The postman was my hero this morning. Nearly ten months after I originally pledged for Ginger Wildheart’s ‘Triple Album Project’, the finished product has arrived today.

It’s been something really special to be a part of. I’d never heard of Pledge Music before this album and I wasn’t really sure what I was paying for when I pledged away my hard earned pennies. All I knew was that I wanted to be involved. Well we all know how successful it’s been, breaking records for Pledge music by a country mile. The updates throughout the recording process kept the appetite wet and were mostly hilarious. Then our first listens on those Friday nights to the actual music were brilliant, crashing the Pledge site and taking over Twitter. All in all it’s been quite an achievement for a man who was half thinking of calling it a day due to the state of the music business.

The delivery of the actual physical albums has been a bit of a wait, originally pencilled in for a month or two ago, they’ve taken quite a while to appear. It seems that the wait has mainly been down to the factory where they were manufactured, and indeed we don’t really want a rush job do we?

Of course the music has been available and was there as soon as it possibly could for download, so there’s not too much to grumble about. Especially when the music is so good! It’s an eclectic mix of typical rockers, reggae, country and some more damn strange stuff, but it works well. It sounds even better now the real hard copy is here. There’s plenty of reviews out there, but the collection really needs to be listened to, and quite a few times. There’s a lot to take in on here, 30 songs of many different styles. Some songs are instant classics, some take a few listens to shine through, but my overall opinion of the album is simply:  IT’s ACE!

Well it’s been a long but highly enjoyable experience to be part of this project. I think it will be very hard to recreate this experience for the next record but I’m sure that Ginger will have something in mind to try and better it. I can’t wait to find out what…


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