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Rolling Stones, 3.7.22

Proceedings kick off with a tribute to Charlie Watts, for whom Mick asks the crowd to show some love. The compliance is enthusiastic: the Stones had been playing with him for 60 years after all. In fact, looking around, there were hundreds of Charlie T-shirts in the crowd. This is a

Public Image Ltd, 23.6.22

Widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential bands of the 70’s, Public Image Ltd were at Rock City on Thursday night and front man John Lydon didn’t hesitate to remind the crowd what PiL is all about. This performance did not show them breaking any new ground because

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, 21.6.22

Halifax’s picturesque Piece Hall was swathed in sunshine on Tuesday night for the 5000 fans that had turned out to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds put on a brilliant performance. Arriving on stage to rapturous applause and cheers from the sold out crowd, they opened with the dynamic Fort

Wonder Stuff, 12.6.22

Like many bands, The Wonder Stuff last toured in 2019, so it was an appreciative audience that welcomed them back to Rock City on Saturday night. Playing two sets, the first saw them delight with their third album Never Loved Elvis, played in its entirety. Released in 1991, this album was

My Chemical Romance, 21.5.22

Smoke fills the stage as the band walk on. The crowd standing beneath us move towards the stage like effortless waves of water, everyone seated has now risen, all the emos push forward and MCR are beckoned with riotous screams. Opening the set with their newly released single, ‘The Foundations of

Pastel, 13.3.22

Its a Friday the 13th, but happily we have three very talented bands on the bill at the Jacaranda Club. The first act of the night was the 2-piece band Ruins with singer and lead guitarist Lloyd and backup singer and bassist Nick. Nick and Lloyd met each other at a wedding through a mutual friend, Nick performed a song for his newlywed

Stiff Little Fingers, 14.3.22

Monday night saw Irish punk rock veterans, Stiff Little Fingers, performing at Rock City and they took the crowd on a trip down memory lane. But first on the line-up was T.V. Smith, a founding member, singer and songwriter for The Adverts, who formed in late 1976 and became one of