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BASTILLE announce new single ‘Flaws’

Rapidly heading towards becoming a household name, we’ve already witnessed BASTILLE’s soaring vocal harmonies and unpretentious personas back when Lyric Lounge Review met them three weeks ago during a secret gig. And we really weren’t convinced when frontman Dan confessed he was “a bit of a loser”.

Yet just days after the storm of success regarding their ‘Bad Blood’ EP release and with memoirs of performances at thirty other festivals this summer ’12 behind them, BASTILLE are making rapid tracks with their announcement of more material. ‘Flaws’ will be re-released as a single, afresh with their favourite East Coast sandscapes and the guidance of director Austin Peters (Think Haim, ‘Forever’). A step-up from the track’s original video footage, with which true hipster Dan ‘D.I.Y’d it’ with his piecing together of Terence Malick’s 1973 classic ‘Badlands’ in his City suburban hut using a budget laptop, BASTILLE can now afford to dream bigger. If the original got half a million YouTube views, we can only anticipate more this time around.

For those of you BASTILLE-shy, ‘Flaws’ is a twinkling indie-pop friendly dwindling amidst addictive beats and beeps. Emotive, fragile and ambiguous.


‘Flaws’ will be released with Virgin Records on the 22nd October.

You can listen to the track here:

Read our interview with BASTILLE here:



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