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10 Rock + Metal Album Covers That Would Be Hilarious as Tattoos

Back in my day*, tattoos didn’t mean anything. OK. I take that back. They meant something, but they weren’t necessarily meaningful.
The era of tattoo reality TV shows caused a shift in the culture, turning tattoos into visual fortune cookies, as if every image we chose to etch into our bodies forever has to have a motivational message or have a heart wrenching story behind it. Before the days of brightly colorful cohesive sleeves, we just got whatever we felt like getting, whenever we could afford it. And if we were broke, we’d let a friend of a friend with a (tattoo) gun put whatever the hell they felt like putting on our legs. We didn’t get tattoos to look better…. we actually got them… to look worse.
But I digress. If you’re one of the last standing individuals who would prefer a well executed tattoo of a cock and balls with a party hat on over a black and gray shaded portrait of a loved one who passed away… then here’s a little inspiration for you. Check out these 10 rock + metal album covers that would make awesome and hilarious tattoos.
* I am referring to 20-ish years ago, when I first started getting tattooed. The day didn’t actually belong to me, or anyone… really. If you were alive and getting tattooed 20+ years ago, this was your day, too.
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