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Paloma Faith – Sheffield 28th September

Paloma Faith has been busy throughout lockdown, she gave birth to her second child and released her 5th album ‘Infinite things’. She said to the Sheffield crowd, it’s a album she would go out and buy, it’s just a pity we didn’t, but I’m sure after her amazing performance last night, people will buy it, I have!  

The week before the gig, Paloma had laryngitis which had forced the cancellation of the Edinburgh show, although you would never have known, her voice was as powerful as always, sipping tea between each song and the odd spray  Paloma’s voice sounded as good as ever.

Paloma, known for her unusual and individual sense of style, arrived on stage wearing an oversized white PVC suit, black shirt and stripy tie, she wore a short bright orange Tinkerbell wig, her homage to Annie Lennox.  The stage was simple the focus being on Paloma and her 7 piece band.

Last Night on Earth was her first song, she asked us all to think of this night as being our last night on earth asking us to sing and dance like no one was watching, Crybaby and Gold followed and between songs Paloma engaged with the audience in her usual charismatic way. She is sassy, warm and really funny! Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful, her debut album’s title track was next, dedicated to all who bought it.   Infinite Things was a song written for her children and she did have a tear in her eye. Next was the epic Guilty which showcased the talent of her band and you can quite clearly see the comradery between them.

“I’m from Hackney so i’m a bit of a cockney and we like to sing songs around the old Joanna.” Paloma said, launching into a medley of her older songs with her female crew on backing vocals all sat round the piano.  An audience singalong version of Upside Down was next and the audience joined in and loved it. Stargazerwas dedicated to her idol, Prince, who told her it was his favourite song. The dancing continued for the next few songs.  Paloma then told us a story of being asked to perform on stage with her idol Chaka Khan, in front of 40000 people, saying it was, and still is, the worst day of her life “she was ‘shitting herself” that song was I’m Every Woman and it was amazing!

The main set finished off with If This is Goodbye a really personal song written for a friend who had been ill during the pandemic. when the song ended she told us she would be back if we shouted loud enough, and she likes the attention being a narcissist, the audience obliged and she returned three-song encore of  Better Than this, LullabyOnly Love Can Hurt Like This.

Paloma was amazing, entertaining, funny and her voice was powerful,  The City Hall is a small venue which made it more intimate a fantastic night was had by all, including Paloma!

Last Night on Earth
Cry baby
Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful
Infinite Things
Beautiful & Damned
Medley – Stone Cold Sober/ Stargazer/Upside Down/ 30 Minute Love Affair/New York
Picking Up the Pieces
Can’t Rely on You
I’m Every Woman (Chaka Khan cover) 


If This is Goodbye

Encore: Better Than this, Lullaby, Only Love Can Hurt Like This


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