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Glittunderbus – The Sweetchunks Band’s Masterpiece?

It’s nice to see after 10 years that finally, The Sweetchunks Band has matured like a fine wine or a mouldy old cheese, depending on your taste in comedy and music. Why did it take so long? We are guessing it was Mike…it was wasn’t it?  Their latest album, “Glittunderbuss,” is a testament to their decade-long journey, blending humor and folk music in a way that can only be described as uniquely Sweetchunky.


The album kicks off with its title track, “Glittunderbuss,” which is like being thrown into a medieval tavern where the jesters have taken over the band. It’s a wild ride through a world where folklore meets modern-day satire, all wrapped up in a comedic package.


Then there’s “Sex Lightning,” a track so ridiculously funny that it should come with a warning label for spontaneous bursts of laughter. The lyrics, with gems like “charging your phone with the power of bone,” are so absurdly brilliant that they would make even the most stoic folk enthusiast crack a smile.


“Everything Is Fine” is where the band pretends to be serious for about a second before the lyrics hit you like a pie in the face. It’s upbeat and catchy, and you’ll find yourself humming along, only to realize you’re singing about absurdities in the most delightful way.


“F**k This!” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever had one of those days. It’s like a musical shrug with a side of folk guitars and a chorus that’s dangerously relatable. It’s the kind of song you play when life throws you lemons, and you’re out of sugar.


Dipping into a different genre, “Independent Nuclear Deterrent” feels like the band decided to crash a rock concert, but instead of moshing, they brought banjos and a sense of humor. It’s a catchy tune that will stick in your brain like that one joke you can’t stop telling.


And let’s talk about “Come Back,” a nearly six-minute serenade to Motorhead’s Lemmy. It’s a comedic, ballad-esque number that tells a story so bizarre you can’t help but listen with a grin. It’s like a love song, but for a rock legend, with a twist that only The Sweetchunks Band could pull off.


Last but not least, “National Anthem of Hampshire” is a history lesson you didn’t know you needed, set to a pace that makes it feel like a race through the annals of time. It’s educational, hilarious, and possibly the only song in existence that can claim to be all three.


In summary, “Glittunderbuss” is more than just an album; it’s a carnival of musical mischief. It’s a collection of songs that are as musically competent as they are laugh-out-loud funny. If you’re a fan of music that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still packs a punch, then this album is definitely for you. The Sweetchunks Band has indeed aged like a fine wine… or a mouldy old cheese, and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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