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HAWK EYES New E.P. Pledge Campaign

Hawk Eyes

Leeds rockers Hawk Eyes have revealed a brand new Pledge Music campaign to pre order their new E.P. ‘WHAT THIS IS’ as well as a range of Pre-Order bundles including hoodies, t-shirts, screen prints, posters and pledgers only Leeds release gig are also available.

In a staement on Pledge Music the band outlined their reasons for the campaign:

Dear friends/fans/likers/haters/Mum,

The music industry is broken, like, totally broken…

Buying a CD or Vinyl (or tape or 8track or 78 or wax cylinder or…), used to be a bit about mystery and a lot about faith. You might hear a single, then trust that the artist had made a collection of songs of a similar calibre – interesting, exciting, undiscovered – so you bought the thing. And all this before you’d even heard it!

Not anymore. Now we live in an age where the barely cooled “product” is rushed straight to the try-before-you-buy tray; you know – the one with bits of pork pie on at the supermarket. Someone stands at the end of an aisle, giving away free samples as you hurry past looking for toilet-roll. They’re under a banner that tells you the opinions of others who’ve tried it…

Read the rest and pre order your copy online at:



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