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Edward Scissorhands Ballet comes to Nottingham

This week, Nottingham welcomes a truly magical experience with Matthew Bourne’s enchanting ballet adaptation of “Edward Scissorhands” at the Theatre Royal. Since its debut in 2005, this captivating dance production has won the hearts of audiences globally, and now it returns to dazzle with its unique blend of wit, emotion, and beauty.

Based on Tim Burton’s iconic film, the ballet tells the bittersweet tale of Edward, a boy with scissors for hands, as he navigates the complexities of love, acceptance, and community. The production is brought to life with the hauntingly beautiful music of Danny Elfman and Terry Davies, enhancing the poignant narrative and breathtaking choreography.

Matthew Bourne’s “Edward Scissorhands” is not just a dance performance; it’s a visually stunning, emotionally rich storytelling masterpiece. It’s an invitation to step into a world where the line between human emotion and fantastical storytelling blurs, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience.

With performances running from Tuesday, 27th February to Saturday, 2nd March 2024, tickets are priced between £26.50 and £57.00, offering a range of seating options to suit various preferences and budgets. This ballet promises an evening of exquisite dance, compelling music, and a timeless story of love and acceptance that resonates with all.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a unique and mesmerizing blend of cinema and ballet, as Matthew Bourne and his New Adventures Company bring the story of Edward Scissorhands to life on the Nottingham stage. It’s a magical journey that promises to touch hearts and inspire minds, making it a must-see event this week.

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