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NICKELBACK To Release 'Get Rollin'' Album In November

Guitarist Ryan Peake and guitarist/vocalist Chad Kroeger of Canadian rockers NICKELBACK spoke to Terrie Carr of the Morristown, New Jersey radio station 105.5 WDHA about their upcoming album, “Get Rollin'”, which is due on November 18. Asked if the LP’s heavy first single, “San Quentin”, which will arrive on September 7, is a good representation of the album’s overall direction, Chad said: “The record’s all over the map, just like all of our records are — they’re all over the map. We’re just starting off with a big, kick-the-door-down rocker, and there’s other heavy material on there, but, just like I said, like every other NICKELBACK record, it ebbs and flows and there’s something there for every single mood.”
Last week, Chad told the WRAT radio station about why it took so long to produce the follow-up to 2017’s “Feed The Machine”: “Well, we should have been making a record a lot sooner, with all that time off [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. But it’s weird to say this, but for 25 years it feels like someone’s been standing behind us with a cattle prod and telling us, ‘Hey, the record’s gotta be done at this time. We’re gonna tour at this time. We’re gonna do Australia and then we’re gonna go do Europe and then we’re gonna come back. We’ll go across Canada. We’ll hit America.’ Just like every other band that has to do this stuff, you wanna get a chance to see your fans all around the world. But with this, we were, like, ‘We’ll get to it when we get to it.’ [Laughs] And yeah, we took our time with it, which was just a wonderful luxury, to be able to sit back and [go], ‘No. I’m gonna play this guitar solo 40 more times for another three days and make sure it’s just exactly how we want it as opposed to deadline, deadline, deadline.”
Regarding some fans’ initial reaction that the already-released 10-second clip of “San Quentin” is trailering what sounds on initial listen like the heaviest song the band has ever written and unlike anything NICKELBACK has done before, Ryan said: “It’s funny. We’ve been hearing that quite a bit. It’s actually interesting because I think NICKELBACK fans would know for sure [that it’s us once they heard the full song]. I don’t think it’s unusual… It’s a heavy rock song, and if you’ve seen us live, you would definitely get it. But I kind of like that people are feeling like it’s a surprise that we can have rock songs like that in the repertoire.”
Chad also talked about the lyrical inspiration for “San Quentin”, saying: “I met the [San Quentin prison] warden at a party. And I couldn’t believe how young he was. I was, like, ‘There’s just no way that you’re the warden of San Quentin,’ and everyone was, like, ‘Yup. He is.’ Guy Fieri‘s [American restaurateur, author and Emmy Award-winning television presenter] a buddy of mine, and I was at his birthday party a few years back. And the entire time we were talking, I’m, like, [laughs] I’m speaking to this guy, but in my head all I could think about was, ‘I’m gonna write a song called ‘San Quentin’. That’s it.’ And I stuck it in my notes in my phone. And then once the riff was down, I think I screamed out this line, ‘Can somebody please keep me the hell out of San Quentin?’ And we just took it from there.”
A music video for “San Quentin” was filmed on August 30 at the Simon Fraser University Convocation Mall in British Columbia. The clip will make its online debut by mid-September.
According to CTV News, hundreds of NICKELBACK fans attended the shoot, including one fan who one fan traveled all the way from Edmonton.
NICKELBACK will embark on a U.S. tour in support of its new album in the summer of 2023.
Peake said in April 2020 that NICKELBACK‘s documentary — which has been in the works for at least a few years — was “very close to being released.”
In August 2020, NICKELBACK released a music video for its cover version of THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Honoring Daniels, who passed away in July 2020, NICKELBACK invited guitarist Dave Martone to join them on a cover of the infamous classic story — paying homage to Daniels‘s influence on their careers and the legacy left behind.
NICKELBACK‘s “All The Right Reasons: 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition” was released as a two-CD set in October 2020. The collection featured a newly remastered version of the original 2005 album, a selection of B-sides and a 2006 live concert recording.
Since forming in Alberta, Canada in 1995, NICKELBACK has cemented itself as one of the most commercially viable and important acts of the past three decades. NICKELBACK‘s success includes worldwide sales of more than 50 million units, solidifying their status as one of the top-selling acts of all time.
With more than 23 chart-topping singles and fans spanning the globe, NICKELBACK boasts twelve consecutive sold-out world tours, playing to well over eight million diehard and adoring fans.
So it appears we have a release date for the new album Get Rollin’ and that comes to me as no surprise! November 18th is…
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