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Clueless Fans Waking Up to Rage Against the Machine's 'Wokeness'

Fans waking up to Rage Against the Machine's "wokeness" will never cease to amaze us. Rage made their return to live touring Saturday night (July 9) punctuated with messages slamming the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade.
The idea that that Rage —who has a long and very public history of championing their liberal political views — is doing more than just playing music, is big and upsetting news to some people.
Really??? What clued you in, bro? Like only every song on every record they've ever done?
Rage Against the Machine's first show in 11 years at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wis., dominated the music industry's headlines over the weekend, with many outlets reporting on the band protesting of the high court's latest decision. Although they didn't say a word over the mic, onscreen captions such as "ABORT THE SUPREME COURT" and "“Forced birth in a country… without any guaranteed paid parental leave" flashed behind them as they played. It spawned stories titled "(Rage) called to 'abort the Supreme Court'" and "(RATM) erupts, slams Supreme Court…"
This came out of left field for some "hardcore" fans of the band, who were surprised that Rage were doing more than just melting faces. The nerve! Who do they think they are? Why can't they just go back to shutting up and playing the hits?
Read some of the reaction to Rage's never-before-witnessed political commentary below. For tickets to the tour, head here.


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