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Enter Shikari talk to LLR!


   So it’s been quite a while since you last did a full UK tour, what are you bringing to this tour that you haven’t quite done before?

Well we always try to outdo ourselves from previous tours, it can be quite difficult though! we’re coming up with lots of cool ideas for different production from last time and obviously we now have a wealth of new material to play which we’ve been perfecting in the festival season and can’t wait to play in the club atmosphere.

            •           Will there be any Christmas themed outfits?

Well Rory has become a fatty and his beard is getting bigger so maybe he can be father Christmas. I’ll be an elf.

            •           Is there a venue/city that you’re particularly excited to play?

All of them! there isn’t a single city in the UK that we don’t have awesome memories of playing. we’re organising lots of after parties too so the whole tour is going to be a riot!

            •           Who are some of your favourite bands/artists to see live?

I saw major lazer at one of the festivals this year and the tent absolutely kicked off, it was awesome. it’s been great getting to know the letlive guys as they are such an intense band live, great inspiration for us. and lovely chaps.

            •           Here’s a question submitted by Carys Wakeling; if you were trapped on a desert island, who would you eat first?

It’s hard to say, I hate them all the same

                      •           It’s safe to say that A Flash Flood Of Colour has been a huge success; will there be a follow up album any time soon, and if so, is there a particular direction that you’re looking to go in?

Absolutely. I mean, we don’t have any specific plans as such but there’s certainly no plan to stop writing more material. We won’t know what direction it will take until we write it, maybe it’s time to throw in a bit of banger.

            •           What’s the future for Enter Shikari?

A shit load more touring. we’re about to go to Russia and the Ukraine, then a long American tour, obviously the UK tour in December and more to come after that. we don’t stop

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