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AIRBOURNE : Black Dog Barking


Aussie rockers Airbourne are back with their third albumBlack Dog Barking’. It’s no surprise then that the weather is picking up too, because Airbourne are basically the musical embodiment of lager and sunshine. Festival season is just about to start and these high climbing boys are coming to see us again; so it’s all systems go!

Good time Rock’n’Roll played through a wall of Marshall Amps with more than a nod to their fellow countrymen (AC/DC) is what you are expecting? That’s exactly what you are going to get too. So it’s all good then…

Black Dog Barking’ sees Airbourne return with a little more focus than on previous outing: ‘No Guts, No Glory’. Both previous Airbourne albums have been crammed full of great songs about beer swilling and hot women, but their last effort went on a bit. This outing sees a return to a more aerodynamic and vinyl sized 10 songs and reaps the rewards from it.

Opener ‘Ready to Rock’ says it all really. From the “woah woah woah” intro, through the Angus-style twangy riff and the big chorus of the song title; it puts a smile on your face from the word go. The album is full of killer riffs and solos and as usual Joel’s vocals are off the gauge in the rock’n’roll stakes. He sounds how I think I sound after a few beverages. Lead single ‘Live it Up’ is a stand out and adds a bit of epic to the album through its massive sound.

‘Woman Like That’ has a Thin Lizzy meets Bon Jovi swagger to it while the title track is a short sharp shock to finish on. All in all it’s a great feel good rocker of an album.

You can’t help but get along with Airbourne really. Great guitar led rockers with a brash attitude, covering all the classic subject areas. It’s music to unwind and have a cracking summer to. Turn it up to 11, fire up the BBQ and crack open a cold one (or two), Summer is here!


Out May 20th


Rob W

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