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Varna International’s Swan Lake/Sleeping Beauty wows Nottingham crowd 23.1.24

The Varna International Ballet and Orchestra’s rendition of “Sleeping Beauty” in Nottingham presented an exemplary demonstration of classical ballet, blending the elegance of tradition with a contemporary sensibility. The production opened with a minimal yet effective set design that subtly conveyed the story’s historic grandeur. This choice in stagecraft allowed the audience’s focus to remain on the intricate choreography and the performers’ artistry.

Mirko Andreutti’s portrayal of the Evil Fairy was particularly notable, infusing the character with a palpable sense of intrigue and darkness. This performance laid the foundation for the narrative, setting a compelling tone for the ballet.

Martina Prefetto’s interpretation of Aurora was a standout element of the production. Her performance in Act One, which showcased Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, was a display of balletic grace and poise, capturing the essence of the character’s journey from youthful innocence to mature elegance.

The role of the Lilac Fairy, embodied by Mara Salvaggio, added a layer of depth to the performance, especially noted in her emotive Act 2 sequence with Prince Désiré. This segment of the ballet was both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, highlighting the production’s choreographic strengths.

A crucial component of this rendition was the live orchestration led by Music Director and Chief Conductor Peter Tuleshkov. The orchestra’s rendition of Tchaikovsky’s score was both dynamic and nuanced, with Bojidar Benev’s performance as the first violin demonstrating exceptional skill and musicality.

Overall, the Varna International Ballet and Orchestra’s “Sleeping Beauty” was an artistic triumph, marked by its refined execution, thoughtful choreography, and emotive musical accompaniment. The production succeeded in capturing the timeless beauty of the ballet while delivering a fresh and engaging interpretation for a modern audience.

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