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Johnny Cash Roadshow, comes to Nottingham Theatre Royal

Johnny Cash has been resurrected.

That’s how people feel when they come out of a Johnny Cash Roadshow gig. The “Through The
Years” tour is currently in full swing and for fans of The Man In Black it’s the perfect escape from
everything going on in the world today. For 130 minutes they are transported back to another time
and place, enjoying a show jam-packed with songs from all corners of Cash’s catalogue, a show that
the man himself would be proud of.

In this age of avatars and AI, you could almost be forgiven for thinking some kind of holographic
trickery was in use, such is the likeness multi-award-winning frontman Clive John bears to Cash.
You’d also be hard pressed to tell his rich baritone from the original and coupled with the beautiful
voice of Meghan Thomas harmonising as June Carter Cash the impression is complete.
The enforced performance hiatus while Covid raged gave Clive the opportunity to go back to basics and create a new show even bigger and better than before. Having the experience of over 10 years of sell-out shows across the UK, Europe and beyond he knows exactly what his audience expects, and the favourites are all there, but he has pulled new songs into the set to surprise and delight them further. With five decades of a prolific back catalogue to choose from, the skill in putting a set together is to select songs that makes the audience feel something, to elicit an emotive response.

Music to move to and be moved by is what makes these shows memorable, and it’s a recipe that
keeps people coming back for more.

Backed by a superb band which includes double bass, The Roadshow Horns and four-part vocal
harmonies, they deliver all the classics such as ‘Walk The Line’, ‘Ring Of Fire’, ‘Jackson’, ‘Orange
Blossom Special’, ‘Get Rhythm’ and ‘Boy Named Sue’ alongside some of the darker more
atmospheric songs from the later American Recordings such as ‘Hurt’ and ‘Rusty Cage’. There’s a lot to cram in and the songs come thick and fast – this blistering emotional roller coaster of a show has earned them standing ovations every night.
Not only that, but their performance is so true to the real McCoy that they are endorsed by
members of the Cash family themselves:
“I had the pleasure to see the Johnny Cash Roadshow just this past weekend in Manchester. As a member of this family, the Cash Family, I was in awe of how incredible the performances were. Clive and his ‘June’ capture my Grandfather and Grandmother JUST as they were in this world they put a mark in. I sincerely believe that there is an art form to “tributing”, but this was absolutely authentic to the point where it felt as if it wasn’t a tribute per se, it was a rock ‘n’ roll gig, given by some sincere rock ‘n’ rollers! I am a fan!”Caitlin Crowell, Granddaughter of Mr Johnny Cash and Mrs June Carter Cash

This endorsement echoes Clive’s feelings about the “tribute” nature of the show. As far as he is
concerned there will only ever be one Man In Black and no tribute would be worthy. He simply
wants to keep Johnny Cash’s music alive. There can be no doubt that while The Johnny Cash
Roadshow is touring this goal is being achieved.

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