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Lyric Lounge talks to Jolly Roger


Tell us a little bit about your plans for the Kickstarter project.


The long awaited and difficult second album is the goal! We’re just as sick as the rest of the world of old songs…we want new ones, and it’s about time we pulled our finger out and got on with it!


What treats are in store for fans who help with the funding?

We’ve got loads of incentives on the Kickstarter, new music, new merch, the chance to be featured on a track on the album, we’re even offering a night on the town with our drummer Jony the Plank (that last ones not true!!!)


Have you supported Kickstarters yourself before? 


We have personally and as a band. We’ve made many friends on the road and have helped out where we could to see their creative projects happen.


What makes them a good source of funding for grassroots projects?


It’s a way of connecting directly with your fans. The music industry is a tough one to work in and it’s mainly based on opinion, if the opinion of a select few doesn’t match the opinion of the many then loads of brilliant projects can get overlooked, especially those that are in the grassroots phase.


How can people get involved?


By going to our Kickstarter page and pledging here:

They can also come to shows and keep the live music scene alive!


How can people follow the fundraiser?


It’s right here:

They can also sign up to our mailing list through our website:


What song of yours would you get people to listen to if they are new to your music and want to see what to expect?


Drunk Again. It was a song written in the darkest depths of a hangover about the perils of a good night out!


What are your future plans beyond the Kickstarter project?


We’re going to take over the world. It’s inevitable. We love touring and playing live shows, we’ve got our 3rd European tour just around the corner which we’re very excited about! Our main goal in this band is to play to as many people as possible at one time, so the bigger the shows, the better. BRING IT ON!!!

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