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Panto Season Starts With a Bang at Theatre Royal

At Lyric Lounge there are a few conditions that need to be met before we say Christmas has started; hearing The Darkness blasting out ‘Don’t let the Bells End’ (catch them currently on tour), New Model Army at Rock City and the Panto. This year, what a panto it is!

The “Dick Whittington” panto at Nottingham Theatre Royal is a spectacular show that’s a must-see. The costumes and special effects are particularly stunning and bring the story to life in a vibrant way. You can’t help but be impressed by the attention to detail in the costumes – they’re colorful, intricate, and perfectly suited to each character. We think these are some of the best we have seen at any Nottingham production.

The special effects are a real highlight, too. For instance, there’s this surreal moment with a flying London bus that just wows the audience. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before in a panto and adds a real sense of magic and adventure to the show. This is also the moment we realised how perfect the casting is because there is no one that could look more suited to flying a giant red bus than Shane Ritchie. And let’s not forget the giant animated rat – it’s both impressive and a bit spooky, adding a great twist to the story.

Shane Richie, as Dick Whittington, is absolutely fantastic. He’s got this amazing charm and his comic timing is just perfect. He makes the audience laugh and keeps everyone engaged throughout the show. It’s clear he’s a seasoned performer who knows exactly how to captivate an audience.

Dr. Ranj is another standout performer. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and he adds a lot of fun and humor to the show. His scenes are some of the most enjoyable, especially when he’s involved in the comedic parts. He seems to really enjoy being on stage, and that enjoyment spreads to the audience.

The storyline follows the classic Dick Whittington tale but feels fresh and lively. The script is clever and funny, appealing to both children and adults. The songs are catchy, adding to the overall fun vibe of the show.

The choreography and direction deserve a mention as well. The dance numbers are energetic and well-executed, and the whole cast delivers a strong performance. They all bring a lot of enthusiasm to their roles, making the show a joy to watch.

Overall, “Dick Whittington” at Nottingham Theatre Royal is a fantastic choice for a family outing. The amazing costumes, incredible effects like the flying London bus and the giant animated rat, and the performances of Shane Richie and Dr. Ranj combine to create a truly memorable experience. It’s a show that’s full of laughter, excitement, and a bit of panto magic for kids of all ages

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