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This week saw the release of Orange Goblin’s seventh album ‘Eulogy for the Damned’. It’s been five years since the band’s last release ‘Healing through Fire’, and while they have been on the road regularly over this period, it’s sure nice to get hold of some new material.

The band, comprising of Ben (vocals), Martyn (Bass), Joe (Guitar) and Chris (Drums) have been one of the UK’s greatest cult/underground bands of what is coming up for nearly twenty years. Starting off back in the mid 90’s when the first wave of desert/stoner bands were cropping up in the States, Orange Goblin were quickly lumped in with the likes of Kyuss, Nebula  and Fu Manchu. This wasn’t all that unfair as the Goblin boys certainly had a lot in common with these bands and the first three long players they released are most certainly stoner classics.

The new millennium saw the band moving away from their stoner beginnings. Fourth album ‘Coup De Grace’ featured doom, punk and straight ahead heavy metal influences although keeping the stoner vibe strong with Kyuss singer John Garcia guesting on a couple of tracks. The band then matured more with ‘Thieving from the house of God’ in 2003. This album contains live favourite ‘Some you win, some you lose’ which never fails to set a gig off. This track also set up a sound for which the band is now better known for; Great Heavy Metal.

The new album is probably their best release yet. Continuing the straight-forward Heavy Metal approach ‘Eulogy for the Damned’ shows the time between albums has been well spent. Great songs with big choruses that will go down a treat live, awesome production and an all-round top performance from all the band members.

It would be nice to think that this will be the album that breaks Orange Goblin as a major player in metal. The truth however, is that the music they treat us to is far too ‘down and dirty’ to bother the masses. For those in the know however, well we can feast our ears on another slice of ace beer soaked British Heavy Metal.

‘Eulogy of the Damned’ is out now and Orange Goblin are on tour in the UK in April. They also play MorrowFest at Nottingham Rock City on May 13th.


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