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Cusacks Well – Review

Cusacks Well are an alternate rock band from Northern Ireland. The band is made up of three men; Glenn Sharkey- Lead singer, Ciaran McAloran-Lead Guitar, Adam Tennant-Drummer all very talented musicians.

2012 has been an eventful year; their first single was released in early August and now they have released another single getting ready for their full EP to be released. Their first Single Hide It Away is a remarkable song; it has a Kasabian-esque feel to it as the vocals are strong and husky. The first single is just enchanting, when listening you get enticed into the song, just listening to Glenn’s voice you know you want to hear more. The guitar riffs sound like they belong in a Nirvana song. With the twist of legendary bands such as; Kasabian, Kings Of Leon, Oasis and Coldplay, they form a unique, unstoppable sound.


At the moment they are just taking in the accomplishment of getting their first couple of singles out into the world and are growing their fan base. They’re also looking around for gigs and once their EP is out they want to go on tour. Later on this year their EP ‘Trouble/Safe’ will be coming out, now with the shock release of Neon Lights being released on the 29th of August; is a great comparison to The Who, especially the song My Generation.


Lucy Hutchon

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