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Lyric Lounge Review are offering a limited number of advertising spots on the site.


Why should you advertise here?


How about that we have 50,000 readers a month?

Sure, some competitiors might get more; we are independent after all but at least those coming here return time and again because they love the content, they tell their friends about us. That’s loyalty!


How about pageviews though?

Our readers average 19 pageviews per visit each – can any other site claim that? No! (we checked!). We get the most pageviews per user of ANY music website out there – INCLUDING NME, Q, Kerrang and Metal Hammer (check Alexa if you don’t believe us!)


How about time?

You could advertise with a competitor – you might get more people seeing your advert. But what would you pay to have people look at your advert for 20 minutes a time? That’s right, our average reader spends 17-20 mins on the site – that is also more than ANY other music website including the nationals named above!

Sure, more people may see your advert elsewhere, how many people will LOOK at it though?

Your Advert in viewing terms –

In a national magazine – 1/2 mins

Competitor’s website – 1/2 mins

TV – 30 seconds

Newspaper – 30secs/1 min

Lyric Lounge Review – 17-20 minutes!!


Email us for a media pack today at

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