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WHITECHAPEL ‘The Somatic Defilement’ review


WHITECHAPEL are one of the most accomplished Deathcore bands going. Their latest release, ‘The Somatic Defilement’, is a re-mixed and re-mastered release of the seminal 2007 debut album which manages to enhance all the force of the original.

While normally I am not the most keen on acts this heavy, WHITECHAPEL have opened my eyes to something different: a speed and force that is not often seen in other musical areas. ‘The Somatic Defilement’ comes from the initial wave of deathcore, which aimed to rewrite what we know about heavy music, fusing a guttural vocal style with hardcore punk and death metal.

Fairy Fay’ is one of my favorite tracks of this formative album, with a core riff that kicks the listener firmly in the balls backed by blast beats from drummer Gabe Crisp that repeat the action over and over.

‘Ear to Ear’ exemplifies what this band is all about, showcasing brutal vocals, breakdowns and technical prowess. It is a powerhouse of a track, built to abuse the senses. With 3 guitarists all layered for both creative music making and more importantly a depth and sheer weight of sound, the effect is like a dying sun folding in on it’s self.

Lyrically the content is not too pleasing to read, with the main concept for the album being set from the point of view of a rapist psychotic murderer. However it’s oddly eloquently summed up with three words from “Vicer Exciser”: ‘Anal Seepage Flowing’: three words that may put you off, but believe me in context they are brilliantly spat by Phil Bozeman.

This is an album that sounds awesome – while still keeping the raw passion of the initial release, the aural screws have been tightened and the musical edges have been sanded, meaning the end result is more palatable.

Track Listing:

1-     Necrotizing (intro)

2-     The Somatic Defilement

3-     Devirgination Studies

4-     Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation

5-     Fairy Fay

6-     Ear to Ear

7-     Alone In The Morgue

8-     Festering Fiesta

9-     Vicer Exciser

10- Articulo Mortis


Jim Rangeley

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