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Uneven Structure – 8

8 is a ”Re-worked, re-recorded, re-packaged and presented as one 24 minute long track,” version of the original released in 2009 from French prog-metal band Uneven Structure. While you can get the original EP for free off their website, this version consists of the current line-up. The initial EP, reportedly consisting of only riffs that were discarded during the writing of their debut album release Februus, is a refined and technically improved version of what was initially a competent release. 

This album also acts a stop-gap for the band as they start to write and record more original content for their up and coming new record, about which guitarist Igor has reported ‘the technical aspect is more engaging than on Februus and we’re leaving more room for experimentation which means our writing spectrum is broad as hell.’ So we can expect that a lot more is yet to come from this band in comparison to the initial EP

While this is intended to be played through in its entirety to form a 24 minute track, it is broken down into 8 section. The album throughout is riff after Djenty riff, with such a tone that easily blows most guitar tones to shreds. 

Egocentric Focus’ is one of the stand out tracks for me an erratic face beater of an opening riff from guitar trio Jérôme Colombelli, Igor Omodei and Aurélien Pereira that is unrelenting throughout the 3 minute section of this album. Brutal vocals that fold into the melodic chorus from Mattheieu Romarin. continually underlined by the drumming prowess of Jean Ferry and Bassist Benoit Friedrich lift this band from a mere Meshuggah copy to something so much more.

The album culminates in an exactly 8 minute track that is the self titled track, which becomes more epic as the riffs bound away and seem to grow and shift subtlety toward their eventual gritty end.


Jim R

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