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The Mouth of Ghosts – When the Sun Sets

The Mouth of Ghosts formed in 2011 creating a new spin on the music industry with their trip-hop and alternative rock sounds. The band has said that there is an awesome atmosphere and a lot of tension in their work and that’s what makes them tick. The band consists of five members; Alla Seydalieva on Vocals, Simon Langford on Guitar, Marco Italia on Bass, Phil Page on Drums and Valerie Deniz on Vocals and Synth.

In 2011 Italia and Langford met and created the band, soon after that they found Seydalieva and knew with her voice they could impact the music scene alongside with their haunting melodies on the bass and Guitar. In late 2011 Page joined the band and they really started to sound structured with the drums included. The newest member has made the band sound futuristic, Deniz joined in March of this year, since Deniz joined the band it has formed into a unique sound that defines who they are.

The bands’ music goes from one extreme to the other in their songs; from the soft parts that are pure and sweet to the intense parts that are loud and full. With this mix The Mouth of Ghosts have made dreamy, atmospheric music with an exceptional organic sound particularly noticeable in the songs Digital Bath and When The Sun Sets. When The Sun Sets is the title track of their new EP, the simmering vocals on that track are unbelievable comparable with Evanescence’s calmer songs.

In Patient Page holds the song together with the steady beat of the drum, along with the thrashing guitar it creates an infectious sound.

At the moment they are only playing in London, but the band has high hopes for this year, and there is a gig booked that is outside of London. The band are planning on following the ‘When The Sun Sets’ 5 track EP with another, longer EP or even an album at the end of this year.  We are also looking at getting these guys in for a Live Lounge session – so watch this space!

You will like The Mouth of Ghosts if you like The Cure, the strange, push the limits, eccentric lyrics and vocals will send you into a frenzy.


Lucy Hutchon

Editor of LLR since 2005

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