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The Freefall – Through the crowds


[pullquote]The Freefall are certainly a band to look out for, they know what they’re doing and they’re already doing it well.[/pullquote]

The Freefall are a four piece indie band from the Midlands. Having recently changed their name (previously named Before the Fall) these lads are currently raising their profile gigging across the Midlands and in London.

Lyric Lounge Review saw them at the Live and Unsigned auditions at the beginning of February and were very impressed!  A band that really stood out and are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

It’s clear to see where The Freefall developed their influences from.  The warmth of emotion in their lyrics and the sensitivity of the rhythms encapsulate the no fear attitude of lads making honest music.  Not dissimilar to bands like The Fray and The Script, but with a little more fun in their composition.

Their debut single, Through the Crowds, is a catchy upbeat piece, perfect for a live venue.  Fuelled with passion; simple lyrics that will the audience to sing along and with a beat that cannot fail to get the feet moving.

The Freefall feel established, Through the Crowds sounds familiar; as soon as it begins you already want to know the lyrics so you can sing along.  It’s a crowd pleaser and shows four lads just enjoying being a part of it.

The lead singer’s voice is urgent without the feeling of unease, passionate but with control; he is enjoying every note and every lyric.  Supported beautifully with backing harmonies, it’s enough to hear that he doesn’t need to do anything else with his voice, it’s effortless and just the thing for the music they’re making.  The use of harmonies softens the rush of the chorus whilst still creating the excitement the verses have built.

It is not rhythmically challenging (Ed. but then neither were Oasis or the Beatles) but it is an imposing rhythm, it hooks you in from the start.  The simplicity of a single guitar in the intro, the drums jumping in driving the beat forward as the guitar repeats the opening – instruments are just being played well and that’s good enough.

The Freefall are certainly a band to look out for, they know what they’re doing and they’re already doing it well.  Their following is growing, they have a Facebook page and Twitter account (band name still to be updated) as well as their own website where you can get a glimpse into the background of individual band members and view their video to Through the Crowds.

Through the Crowds is an everyday song, a familiar story – that song at the end of that film; boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy races to get girl back with triumphant results.  It’s exciting and with a melody which generates those butterflies only a song that captures you can create.



Fran Bonner – February 2012

Editor of LLR since 2005

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