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The Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing to Do

like the swaggering, bastard son of The Buzzcock’s Pete Shelley


The Bleeding Knees Club’s single Nothing to Do is a brief flash of garage-punk-pop-surfer apathy in which sneering vocalist Jordan Malane learily chirps “I’m so bored, you know it’s true,” as he recalls the ailing state of his flatlining boy/girl relationship. Complemented by drummer Alex Wall, this Australian two-piece began their recording career as recently as March 2010 when the immaculate conception that was their debut EP Virginity, was delivered at the back of a shoe shop (minus the stable and three wise men). Sounding like the swaggering, bastard son of The Buzzcock’s Pete Shelley fused with The White Stripes’ Jack White, Malane’s raw vocals and crunching guitar, whilst not revolutionary, certainly offer the listener a familiar sound that is both upbeat and energizing. Key to this sound is producer Dev Hines of Blood Orange and Light Speed Champion whose non-invasive approach has successfully captured the live, garage feel that is the hallmark of The Bleeding Knees Club. As the lyrics “I think it’s time for something new,” ring out I realise it’s time to dust off the old surfboard and catch some waves. It’s something to do…

Reviewed by Stephen Love and Andy Roles

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