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The Algorithm and Hacktivist Review Rock City Basement 5/12/13


A fold out table containing a laptop and a midi controller sit alongside a drum kit on the stage of Rock City’s basement. Two young men leap to the stage with the same energy that can be seen throughout the entire performance. The Algorithm show that a complex set up is not needed to create an electrifying sound and atmosphere. As the French duo progress into their set, the audience is enthralled by songs of their album ‘Polymorphic Code’. In between songs, breaks of light hearted electronic dance music intertwine with the dark drum beats and earth shattering manufactured sounds created by Rémi. The crowd is more than appreciate of the 40 minute set; providing an outstanding support for headliners Hacktivist.

As soon as they appear on stage, Hacktivist bring with them an overwhelming intensity which grabs the audience’s attention from the start. Throwing themselves around stage, the band provide a visual feast under the blue and yellow lighting; encouraging “audience participation.” Upon request, a circle pit engulfs the centre of the room. Simultaneously, vocalists Ben Marvin and J Hurley ascend the barriers to get closer to the bustling crowd. Despite the chaos ensuing on and off stage, Hacktivist do not compromise on sound. Songs ‘Elevate’ and self-titled ‘Hacktivist’ make the audience erupt.

Characteristic heaviness overlaid with vocals associated more with grime and rap unite two sounds brilliantly. Unique and passionate, Hacktivist make you feel as if you’re not going to watch a band, but that you are part of something amazing. After an hour set, they invite the audience to drink with them afterwards, before walking off stage into the crowd. Down to earth and flawless live, they are definitely a band to see over and over again.


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