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Desperate Journalist – Control – Review

Whenever Morrissey comes back from his thirty-year long expedition to find the heart of melancholy, and reveals his 80s lovechild with Debbie Harry, don’t be surprised to find the name ‘Desperate Journalist’ tattooed across our collective consciousness, because they’re the product. The four-piece from the wilds of North London

Top Five Mondegreens in Music

Have you ever been singing along to one of your favourite records, when all of a sudden, the lyrics you have come to sing half a thousand times turn out to be complete gibberish? For many of us this is our first brush with the illusive creature known formally

Echosmith – ‘Talking Dreams’ – Review

Whilst at first sight you might conclude Echosmith to be some hybrid offspring of Paramour and the Mickey Mouse Club, you’d be doing the band a grievous misgiving. As veteran musicians and aficionados we can often be critical, snobbish, and quick to jump the gun. And I confess, at

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways – HBO Documentary

To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, the Foo Fighters set out to create eight unique records, with a specific focus on identity and place. The documentary is a compilation of interviews with some of the world’s most innovative people in music; piecing together an audible map of the United States.

Myke Terry – Red Handed – Review

One-time Bury Your Dead frontman, Myke Terry, departs from the heavy metal scene with his solo debut ‘Red Handed’. For anyone lucky enough to have seen Myke Terry perform, will testify to the energetic and quite frankly powerful presence of the artist, with each performance delivering the same level