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Inspiral Carpets -17/12/15 – Rock City Tanya Russell

Starting with a thundering rendition of JOE under a storm of red lights and flashing spotlights, the INSPIRAL CARPETS open tonight's epic indie fest at a club that really ought to start charging me rent after the amount of times I've been here this month, the legendary Rock City. YOU'RE SO

The Selecter, Nottingham, 21/11/15 – Tanya Russell

  Immediately into the bouncy brassy beat of THE AVENGERS, The Selector do what they do better than anyone else, vibrant, dance inducing ska that gets the crowd skanking. Shimmering sounds of sunshine flood the auditorium as the band launch into FUCK ART LET'S DANCE  and Pauline Black and the rest of

Skinny Lister, Rock City, 16/11/15 Tanya Russell

    To a ground shaking pounding of a drum, Skinny Lister stride onto the stage and with a twirling double bass perform a thundering rendition of RAISE THE WRECK. Continuing with the musical mayhem of melodic sea shanties and accordion layered energetic loveliness, Skinny Lister have the audience captivated by their high