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Indie Tracks 2017 Review

We weren't meant to be at Indietracks this year: we were booked in for another festival that shall not be named but takes place nearby. However, after being told to park in a bog we looked around for a more pleasant Sunday. Indietracks never fails to lift the spirits. After

Bearded Theory Festival 2017 Review

On its tenth anniversary, Bearded Theory managed to bring to festival goers its eclectic mix of mainstream musical artists as well as more obscure acts that are not so well known. With a variety of stages and circus tents ranging from the seclusion of the Woodland Grove to the Big

Bearded Theory 2016 Review

The sun is shining, the crowd are amiable, eclectic and rainbow clad. Children are jumping around with their hands in the air enjoying Terrorvision with their parents. The summer starts here people, it's Bearded Theory 2016. the festival field is packed full of revellers as Terrorvision perform Tequila and what

Glass Caves  – ‘Alive’ – Review

Alternative-rockers Glass Caves release their debut album ‘Alive,’ a vibrant blend of familiar sounds and signature hooks. The Leeds locals Glass Caves are the kind of band that come around once a blue moon, combining the raw energy of a live set into one compact EP. Glass Caves are a very muscular force in contemporary music, having forged

Enter Shikari – Mindsweep – Review

Enter Shikari rang in their new album, The Mindsweep, with a series of signings across the country, with the piece de resistance being a pop-up shop in London's Camden Town. It was a typically Shikari affair: more like a day in the pub or an art gallery showing than a

SeaWitches – Stars – Review

Self styled “dirty dark pop” outfit SeaWitches have been around in some form or another for 7 years – but don't feel bad if you've never heard of them. They've certainly been flying under the radar for some time now, yet their sound is oddly familiar. You can be