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Gil de Ray. – Low Sun Rising . Album Review

When you spend most of your time listening to music or watching live music you tend to get a bit complacent and it takes something pretty spectacular to make you stop in your tracks and sit up and listen and just say one word "Wow". From the first track

Nova Nova and Peter Hook – Low Ends Review

  Some people have a trademark sound and this is never truer than when talking about legendary bassist Peter Hook.   From New order to Revenge to Freebass to Peter Hook and the Light, it's obvious as soon as you hear it that the bouncing bass sound resonating over the melodies has

Adam Ant – Rock City Nottingham. – 23/11/2012.

 Ahh.... Mr Ant, we meet again.  It's true that this year myself and Adam have not been strangers. Having been so utterly bowled over this time last year when I first saw Adam at this very venue, I was hoping that tonight would recreate the magic of the first time.   An

Emily Browne – Brownian Motion EP

As this is the Debut offering from Warwickshire lass Emily Brown, I wasn't sure what to expect and so was pleasantly surprised with the content of this EP.   All tracks have a laid back Jazzy feel to them and the chilled out vibe that they create would make them a perfect