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Papa Roach talks to LLR!

Papa Roach Phone Interview – 9th October 2012   Jim Rangeley: How are you doing? Tobin Esperance: I’m good, I’m great, I’m fucking feeling good, I’m feeling great.   JR: The new album is incredible TE: ahh Thanks man   JR: how are you feeling about the release? TE: I’m proud, actually really proud, I think when you release

Interview with PRIMARY SLAVE – Part 1

Lyric Lounge Review caught up with Primary Slave to let them tell the story of the making of their latest album 'Another Mark is Drawn' and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. All of the remaining band members had input into the interview, so it's quite a big one! It's an amazing

Combichrist Gig Review (Rock City – 30/06/12)

  As I arrive at Nottingham’s Rock City to see industrial metallers Combichrist, I take a moment to soak up the atmosphere. Reflecting on the fans around me I am reminded of the inhabitants of William Gibson’s genre-defining, cyber-punk novel, Neuromancer. Black leather, neon hair and oversized military boots are the