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BROKEN LINKS new video and give single away FREE!

Playing industrial rock with under-currents of post-punk and new wave, BROKEN LINKS are as melodic and hook laden as they are dark and haunting. Atmospheric guitars, melancholic vocals and electronic soundscapes form a musical vehicle for psychoanalytical and emotionally complex lyrical themes, resulting in a dark and powerful aural experience. The

Tramlines – Premier FREE Festival Line Up

BIGGER, BETTER, LOUDER, FREE-ER TRAMLINES ANNOUNCES 2012 LINE UP Tramlines, the free for all music festival, is back for 2012 and is free-er than ever,  with a line up that money literally can’t buy. After winning Best Metropolitan Festival at the UK Festival Awards, the Tramlines  Team is ready to

Pulp – The Beat is the Law

Pulp:The Beat Is The Law – Fanfare For The Common People is now available to watch instantly as a rental stream via the innovative Distrify player on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or internet-enabled TV or on all at once. *WIN A VERY COLLECTIBLE FILM POSTER SIGNED BY ALL MEMBERS


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