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Myke Terry – Red Handed – Review

One-time Bury Your Dead frontman, Myke Terry, departs from the heavy metal scene with his solo debut ‘Red Handed’. For anyone lucky enough to have seen Myke Terry perform, will testify to the energetic and quite frankly powerful presence of the artist, with each performance delivering the same level

Uneven Structure – 8

8 is a ''Re-worked, re-recorded, re-packaged and presented as one 24 minute long track,'' version of the original released in 2009 from French prog-metal band Uneven Structure. While you can get the original EP for free off their website, this version consists of the current line-up. The initial EP, reportedly consisting

Wrapped in Plastic – Birmingham 5/4/13

Wrapped in Plastic Flapper, Birmingham 05/04/13 Reviewed by Laura Powers Last Friday these imps of industrial finished their initial port of call on their first UK tour by molesting a member of the audience.  He didn't know it was going to happen.  Maybe it had been due to the staged fight he had


'Chasing Boats' is the brand new 4 track E.P. from up-and-coming alternative metallers THOUSAND AUTUMNS. Last times 'City of the Sun' riff filled monster of an  E.P. took the band out on the road with the likes of Exit Ten, Never Means Maybe and Mallory Knox. 'Chasing Boats' keeps the ball