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Bad Touch – Shake a Leg – Album Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Bad Touch’s ‘Shake a Leg’ as my first ever music review – and I say pleasure because as soon as I saw the beautifully designed album cover, and heard the first beat of the first song ‘Lift Your Head Up,’ I knew I was


     Universal Music Catalogue are pleased to announce these five classic LP reissues by iconic alternative rock band, Jimmy Eat World. Bleed American features four of the band’s most well-love singles; "Bleed American", "The Middle", "Sweetness" and "A Praise Chorus". It was the band’s fourth album and a critical and commercial success,

Glass Caves  – ‘Alive’ – Review

Alternative-rockers Glass Caves release their debut album ‘Alive,’ a vibrant blend of familiar sounds and signature hooks. The Leeds locals Glass Caves are the kind of band that come around once a blue moon, combining the raw energy of a live set into one compact EP. Glass Caves are a very muscular force in contemporary music, having forged

From the Vault – A Tale of Two Cities::: New Horizons

Dickensian is the last adjective you think of when listening to the Bristolian’s debut EP. There’s not a stovepipe hat in sight, instead you’ve got some distinctly garage sounding indie rock on show. They’ve been threatening to make a breakthrough for a while on the strength of a solid

The Floodgates – ‘You’ Review

Originally beginning as a folk-rock duo just one year ago, three-piece acoustic-rock group The Floodgates have experienced a great deal, and have undergone significant change, in a very short space of time. The Tunbridge Wells natives quickly made a name for themselves on the local scene, are now gigging nationwide,

Echosmith – ‘Talking Dreams’ – Review

Whilst at first sight you might conclude Echosmith to be some hybrid offspring of Paramour and the Mickey Mouse Club, you’d be doing the band a grievous misgiving. As veteran musicians and aficionados we can often be critical, snobbish, and quick to jump the gun. And I confess, at

Myke Terry – Red Handed – Review

One-time Bury Your Dead frontman, Myke Terry, departs from the heavy metal scene with his solo debut ‘Red Handed’. For anyone lucky enough to have seen Myke Terry perform, will testify to the energetic and quite frankly powerful presence of the artist, with each performance delivering the same level