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BASTILLE announce new single ‘Flaws’

Rapidly heading towards becoming a household name, we’ve already witnessed BASTILLE’s soaring vocal harmonies and unpretentious personas back when Lyric Lounge Review met them three weeks ago during a secret gig. And we really weren’t convinced when frontman Dan confessed he was “a bit of a loser”. Yet just days after

Y-NOT Festival 2012 Round-up

Even Lyric Lounge Review's Metal editor doesn't mind chilling out to some more relaxing stuff now and again, and with a long night of shouty rock n roll ahead; JENNY O was a perfect way to ease into the afternoon. The solo singer and guitarist appeared somewhat swamped by the

BASTILLE gig review and interview

Not often do you expect a band’s frontman to approach you first, promptly responding “I know” once you faintly introduce yourself just as a… er… teenage music journo starting off. (bearing in mind they’re practically famous with their strong video average of 300,000 something YouTube views.) That’s the thing about