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Swellers – Running Out Of Places to Go

“No nonsense, big songs. That is exactly our plan,” says Nick Diener of Flint, MI’s rock powerhouse THE SWELLERS about the direction they’re taking on their new EP Running Out Of Places To Go which comes out 22nd October 2012 via Xtra Mile Recordings (Frank Turner, Against Me!, Future of the Left…). In anticipation of the release of the EP, the Xtra Mile will be offering presale bundles starting today on their website,
“Loud guitars and big drums have always been our thing,” Nick explains about Running Out Of Places To Go. “It feels awesome to have made such a great sounding bunch of songs on our own.” From the getgo with the hugely infectious powerpop stunner “Hands,” the band’s renewed excitement is palpable. “That song came about very organically,” Nick explains. “The guitars were cleaner sounding, my vocals start off in a lower register… both things that are not very characteristic of us. But our mindset for this EP was ‘if it sounds good, record it.’ No outside opinions, no pressure. Once the chorus kicks in, it’s a pretty unmistakable Swellers melody.

The lyrics are pretty punk, too. One of our favorite songs we’ve ever written together.” The enthusiasm spills over to the next four tracks, from the machine gun attack of “Let Me In”, to the anthemic “Bad For Me” to the soaring title track, Running Out Of Places To Go is the sound of a band who’s returning to their musical roots and merging it with everything they’ve learned over the last decade. “Every element involved in making this EP happen comes from a very grassroots, punk rock place.”
Running Out Of Places To Go was produced by Mark Michalik and will be released via Xtra Mile Recordings on 22nd October 2012. The Swellers is Nick Diener (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Diener (drums), Ryan Collins (guitar) and Anto Boros (bass).
‘Running Out Of Places To Go’ tracklisting:
 1. Hands
2. Let Me In
3. Bad For Me
4. Making Waves
5. Running Out Of Places To Go

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