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SHED SEVEN – Rock City 17/12/15 Tanya Russell


Creating a veritable indie disco right from the start, SHED SEVEN play FRIDAY and a packed room of Converse clad indie lovers go predictably mental, myself included.
WITTER then throws himself around the stage during CASINO GIRL as his vocals permeate the air over the audience’s attempts to sing along.
WHYBT is introduced by Witter saying ‘fancy a singalong?, obviously impressed by our tuneful accompaniment and of course this continues even more enthusiastically during this fantastic track.
The audience are on a maximum high as the band continue with DEVIL IN YOUR SHOES and again we are all singing along A reference is then made to a 14 year old crowd member called Tyler. Witter banters with the crowd, claiming that Tyler’s youthful presence ensures that ‘we’re here forever’.
It is during SPEAKEASY that I completely forget that I am meant to be here writing a review and jump around like a dervish with my fellow Shed Seven worshippers. It is something of a problem that whilst my pen allows me access to all of my favourite bands, it also ensures my presence at gigs of such integral importance to my musical dna that attempting to crystallise the experience into pithy, witty sentences that encapsulate the atmosphere and energy of this event is proving somewhat beyond my capacity. Hampered further by my necessity to engage in full crowd participation including singing along and dancing, I’ll have to settle for Shed Seven were absolutely stella instead of clever words of import.
The lovely CRY FOR HELP has the crowd swaying and singing along before the bongos come out for DOLPHIN  with Witter leaving the  stage as the crowd create a very friendly mosh pit.
LONG TIME DEAD is a slow, sparkling tune that allows the crowd to recognise the beauty of SHED SEVEN’s creations as well as the swaggering brawn.
This is further illustrated by one of my favourite songs ever, the magnificent HIGH HOPES, which has the audience singing along in a semi melodious manner before I lose any semblance of professionalism whatsoever and become manically over excited because the band play DISCO DOWN, a song that has always demanded a dancing frenzy whenever I have heard it but tonight heralds my transformation into uncontrollable fan, which may be a partial explanation for the ridiculous length of this sentence.
Dispensing with an attempt at being a dispassionate observer, after all…that has never been Lyric Lounge’s policy, I join the friendly mosh pit during BULLY BOY but do not participate in the enthusiastic crowd surfing through fear of losing my pen, although this does seem equally feasible whilst engaging in my chosen activity of screaming ‘I’ll fight you to the death’ along with the ever brilliant WITTER.
OCEAN PIE also has continuous crowd surfing and it becomes rapidly clear that this could be the gig of the year; everyone is having a fantastic time, including the band, and these songs resonate with the electrifying melodies that made me give my teenage heart and soul to Brit pop.
I cannot therefore contain my excitement when SHED SEVEN launch into STANDBY, with the brass section helping to give the band that classic sound that sets them apart from the crowd.
Neglecting completely to consider clever words of compositional brilliance for my review, I instead jump around singing lustily along with GOING FOR GOLD, and PARALLEL LINES. There’s now a short break prior to a genuinely desired encore during which I carefully reflect upon the impact of the gig upon the audience and the significance of SHED SEVEN’S songs on today’s society for my review…or I also sing CHASING RAINBOWS really loud along with the rest of the crowd and shout SHED SEVEN over and over again to entice them to return to the stage.

A triple treat of MISSING OUT, GETTING BETTER and of course CHASING RAINBOWS, under multi coloured lights of course, is the perfect end to a glorious gug that reminds me that there is a reason why I hold SHED SEVEN in such high affection and why their live shows are so incendiary.


As Leach flips over the drum kit and the crowd cheer widely whilst a smiling SHED SEVEN bow, I realise that no accolades that I can construct would ever fully describe the experience of being here in this room tonight. Suffice to say, I spend the vast proportion of my evening’s watching band’s perform, but SHED SEVEN will always be rated up there with the best of them.

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