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Scream Your Name – ‘Face to Face’ Review


Do you like face melting guitar solos? Appreciate a brutal breakdown? Do you enjoy humorously stereotypical Scandinavian accents? I’m just going to assume that the answer to at least one of those questions was yes, and inform you that Scream Your Name have got you covered. One of the few Swiss metalcore outfits to make a name for themselves on the international stage, Scream Your Name are looking to prove to the world that they can engineer a music career as precisely as their countrymen can engineer an automobile. Oh, and by the way, just as a heads up, I’m going to assume that you enjoy uncomfortably cringeworthy puns and similes too.

​‘Face to Face’, the follow up to Scream Your Name’s self-titled debut album, represents a positive evolution for the band, their music appearing much more mature and cohesive, whilst still retaining many of the key elements that originally caught peoples’ attention. Their clean vocals are still smoother than a bar of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, their harsh vocals remain so aggressive that they almost defy the Geneva convention, and their breakdowns still pack enough punch to blow your lederhosen clean off! ‘In Reverse’ and ‘Save and Secure’, with their compelling melodies and pop-punk choruses, most resemble the successes of the previous album, and suggest that Scream Your Name have a clear and concise blueprint upon which their music is modelled.

​Displaying more versatility than a Swiss army knife, Scream Your Name prove that they are more than just uncompromising vocals and heavy breakdowns, however. The moving ‘Memories’ represents a gripping foray into a more melodic contemporary rock sound, a heartfelt ballad about living life without regret, whilst ‘Stronger’ and ‘Last Words’ introduce elements of heavily synthesised production.

​Whilst this review has, quite patently, been somewhat light-hearted and jovial in tone, I feel that it should end on a more serious and sincere note. ‘Face to Face’ is a genuinely commendable effort that can likely go toe to toe, punch for punch, with any of this year’s metalcore releases. Scream Your Name’s ability to blend all of the genre’s most diverse and prevailing elements, from breakdown to chorus, has put the band, and in consequence, Switzerland, on the map.

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