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Riptide This could be the one / Undefeated / In The End

Derbyshire 5 piece band Riptide first came onto Lyric lounge reviews radar at the East Midland Regional Heats of the Unsigned Only event which aims to find the best unsigned bands in the Country and Tanya from Lyric Lounge Review had been asked by the organisers to be a special guest judge.

Riptide were a band that had impressed on the day of the regional heats and so it seemed rude not to review some of their music and share with the rest of you what we thought of them.

First song to be sampled by my eardrums is ‘This could be the One’ , a catchy little number with an interesting guitar hook around the chorus,  and on first hearing it reminds me of a song that you could hear on an American Sitcom such as ‘the O.C’ or dare I say it ‘Friends’ (and temporarily my Jennifer Aniston phobia threatens to cloud the issue but I snap out of it) but the fact that I can imagine it being used in this way is testament to the fact that I think this is a song with wide appeal and singles them out as one of those bands that seem to  appear from nowhere and then suddenly are everywhere.  They seem to  have the commercial appeal whilst maintaining their rawer , rockier edge.  Hmmm…so far so good.

The second song ‘Undefeated’ is more anthemic in its approach and reminds me of many bands spanning the decades from the majesticness of  Simple Minds classic  ‘Dont’you forget about me’ to early nighties indie, and  then  haunting guitar melody reminds me of New York Indie Rock outfit Stellastarr*.

When lead singer Tom sings the lines “ No-one, no-one, will ever bring us down again” he says it with such conviction that you tend to believe every word. He’s in no mood to be messed with.  His voice has a deep velvety tone that draws the listener in the more you listen to it.

Both this and the first song are in a similar vein, but I find this is the track  that stays with me for most of the day and I even end up singing it at work the following day which indeed can’t be a bad thing….. well it wouldn’t be if my colleagues got the polished Riptide version instead of my caterwauling.

Initially the last in the trio of songs from the Riptide boys, and the slowest of the tracks ‘In The End’ was the least memorable but after a few listens, the velvety tones work their magic and end up leaving you mesmerised.   I expect this one is a live favourite amongst their fans.  This one is definitely a grower.

This taster of Riptide has left me interested in whats to come from them, hoping to be able to check them out live soon and I want my colleagues remember when Riptide hit the big time that it was my caterwauling version that they heard first.  Watch this space….I’m sure this is not the last we’ve heard from them.



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