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Review: Spector

Indie-rock quintet Spector hail from London; consisting of lead singer Frederick, guitarists Chris and Jed, bassist Chris and drummer Danny.

Following the release of their latest single Chevy Thunder (which you can listen to now on their YouTube page), the boys have announced a UK tour which begins this month (March) and continues until May. They are also filling the prestigious support slot before Florence and the Machine, along with The Horrors. If you’ve never heard of them before, prepare for your ears to be pleasantly surprised.

Beginning like a synthesised, more relaxed version of a Franz Ferdinand hit, Chevy Thunder is instantly catchy and is very much perfect Spring-BBQ-in-the-back-garden kind of music. Its easy listening indie at its best and Frederick’s tranquil vocals suit both the fast paced chorus and slow interludes well.

The video shows the five boys dressed in Hawaiian shirts running around in the sand, throwing their instruments about and driving along in a Stereophonics-esque manner – sun beaming down.

The song’s lyrics describe an unrequited lover who steals his ex-girlfriend’s dad’s car and reminisces about how he has moved on – supposedly. Asking for one little piece of her heart, Frederick croons about not letting her go while Jed provides an excellent synth background and some solid drumming also comes from Danny.

Having been relatively under the radar since they formed only last year, Spector are receiving a lot of critical acclaim at the moment having been nominated for the BBC’s Sound of Music 2012 award and will be releasing a new – and as yet unnamed – album on a hitherto unconfirmed date. Also booked for lots of festivals this Summer, it feels like these guys are going to be big.

If you like Spector, you might also like The Killers, The Strokes and Stereophonics.

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