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Nova Nova and Peter Hook – Low Ends Review

low ends
Some people have a trademark sound and this is never truer than when talking about legendary bassist Peter Hook.
From New order to Revenge to Freebass to Peter Hook and the Light, it’s obvious as soon as you hear it that the bouncing bass sound resonating over the melodies has come from the hands of Hooky.
Low Ends‘ is an instrumental, and of course is not all about Peter Hook with its laid back and uplifting melody coming from the Nova Nova side of the project, it sounds like an amalgamation of all of the best bits of factory records all round.  It’s carefree dancey rhythm punctuated and almost given a voice by Peter’s rhythmic pulsating vibe.
No doubt it won’t be long before an advertiser picks up on this tune and it becomes an ear worm that we just can’t let go of.  This song has a hint of summer about it and let’s face it –  that really can’t really come too soon.
Jackie Nutty

Editor of LLR since 2005

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