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The US/France duo Panda Transport’s third release “Wildlife” is a new wave collection of indie sweet pop songs, sometimes groovy, sometimes chillax, sung in english and transporting the listener into an oniric world where melancholia is the silvery thread to the real world.

 The salt and sugar sonic cocktail is created under the influence of old bands, from the 80’s new wave, like New Order, The Cure, Aztec Camera along with many others, a pinch of jazz (singer Kathy Compton did learn to sing listening Billie Holiday) and contemporary artista such as The Bird and the Bee, Poolside and Kindness.

 And what’s a release today without its merit badges? “Wildlife” was mastered at West West Side Studio, NJ, by Alan Douches (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Sufjan Stevens). The first video released, “Dark Horse Ultraviolet” was captured in Lyon, France, and directed by friend, ally and long time collaborator “west coast panda” Justin Chinn, of Grey’s Anatomy.
The band’s Kathy Compton on the album: “It is called Wildlife perhaps because I found myself missing the sounds of the animals and the wind in the trees from back home. I am also mildly obsessed with all the brilliant animal experiences and photos to be found online. More and more stories surface about the miraculous things that they do, their heart and genuineness, the simplicity and purity of their motivations. That is why the cover art features a happy bunny, a friendly bunny sporting chakras. it takes no effort at all to relate to such a creature, the bond is instant. If you do not like and admire that bunny, then there is no need too press “play” to Wildlife.”
Stream “The Running Song” by PANDA TRANSPORT here:

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