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Myke Terry – Red Handed – Review


One-time Bury Your Dead frontman, Myke Terry, departs from the heavy metal scene with his solo debut ‘Red Handed’. For anyone lucky enough to have seen Myke Terry perform, will testify to the energetic and quite frankly powerful presence of the artist, with each performance delivering the same level of passion and consistency that can be expected from a musician on the up and up.

The lead singer left Bury Your Dead back in 2011 to pursue his solo career. The departure has lead Terry to revisit his musical roots in Richmond, Virginia. Terry set out to create a new sound from the eclectic catalogue of his upbringing, in his words “ranging from Metallica to Michael Jackson.” Terry credits his exposure to a wide range of music for his diversity as an artist. In a recent interview with Absolute Punk, the magazine state that “the result will appeal to fans of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Justin Timberlake.”

‘Red Handed’ draws on these sources, combining Motown with melodic synth and emotionally charged falsetto. The track follows the consequences of walking in on an unfaithful partner, delivering the empathy and frustration one could expect from the situation. Despite the subject matter, the track chains upbeat verse with passionate chorus, producing an array of flowing emotionality.

The stylistic exodus exposes a soulful side to the artist. His introspective and uplifting lyrics are able to dissect the genres, drawing on the appeal of both fans of Bury Your Dead and audiences across the musical spectrum.
Myke Terry’s EP is likely to hit in early 2015, but for the time being we can be sated with this refreshing sample. For more Myke Terry swing by his soundcloud and sample his sombre cover of Nirvana’s ‘Come as you are.’

Tom Keane

Editor of LLR since 2005

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