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Many Things – ‘I Won’t Run Away on Love’ Review


Rapid and meteoric ascents seem like a relatively frequent occurrence in the world of music. Whims and fancies provide a tentative foundation for the flavour of the month to gain a whirlwind of support, which it inevitably loses once the proceeding artist obtains the limelight, and the cycle begins once more. Once in a while, however, such an ascent is not the product of rampant consumerism, or fickle interests, but is the result of genuinely exciting musical innovation.

​The rise of London four-piece Many Things has, indeed, been meteoric, not to mention triumphant. Over the space of just a few months, the band have gained critical acclaim from countless sources, including NME, Rolling Stone, and Zane Lowe; have toured with Panic at the Disco; have toured internationally; and have destroyed many of London’s top venues, including Koko, and Oslo. Now, returning to their home city after a month away, the band are looking to continue to raise the bar with their latest release ‘I Won’t Run Away on Love’, and to set the pace for the competition that, quite frankly, are being left behind.

​‘I Won’t Run Away on Love’ is a thoroughly charming number, epitomising many of the quirky traits that have made similarly eccentric artists, such as Noah and the Whale, and The Lumineers popular. The lyrics, for example, are colloquial, and almost silly, yet remain coherent and relatable, while the vocal melodies undulate pleasingly, yet follow a consistent meter.

Musically, the heavily produced synthetic sounds, which exist in a kind of pop-dance limbo, taking on characteristics of both genres, yet being constrained exclusively to neither, contrast uniquely with raw, unfettered harmonies, creating a delicately poised juxtaposition of influences which seem to pull you in two different directions, yet guide you to the same destination: bliss.
​Many Things are, undoubtedly, rising stars, and their growing popularity is sincere and honourable. ‘I Won’t Run Away on Love’ represents genuinely dynamic innovation in a genre that often feels stale and saturated.

You should tell your friends about Many Things for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it’s good music, and you’re a nice person. Secondly, and most importantly, because they’re going to achieve some very big things very soon, and you’ll look pretty damn cool when they do.

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