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MAMMOTH MAMMOTH ‘Vol. III Hell’s Likely’

Australia’s Mammoth Mammoth are back with Vol. III. The Melbourne four piece have a motto of “Riffs Riffs Riffs” and that about sums them up. They’re simple rock’n’roll beasts unleashing beer soaked rockers, one after the other.

There’s obvious comparisons to be made to that other famous Aussie band who specialise in good time rock’n’roll. Add to that any other classic rockers that you are fond of; we’re not reinventing the wheel here! A real reference point for me however would be Sweden’s Backyard Babies. Mammoth Mammoth, just like the aforementioned Swedes, play their rock’n’roll with a punk attitude. It’s a bit trashy, a bit boozy along with a heap of RIFFS!

First track ‘Hell’s Likely’ is a prime example of Mammoth Mammoth at their best, a rocker straight out the garage or local dive bar, it’s a punky shout along and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Songs about drinking and fighting delivered by a band who probably know a thing or two about those subjects. I’m not stereotyping…check out the ultimate drinking anthem ‘Another Drink’ with a rolling riff accompanied by the tag line “I need another drink”.

‘Vol .III’ is jam-packed with good time drinking songs, an ideal soundtrack to a boozy night out. The band mix up some seventies rock, with a slab of punk attitude and a dash of stoner buzz to great effect. Good solid (not so?) clean fun!


Rob W  

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