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LUKE WHITE ‘Black Market Red Roses’ The new single released 1st October 2012

From the debut album ‘Outside In’ – Released 10th September 2012

  Taken from his debut album ‘Outside In’ Luke White returns with second single ‘Black Market Red Roses’. Whilst previous single Made Of Love was featured on Q Radio’s ‘New To Q’, BMRR effectively builds on foundations laid.
 With this, the second offering, young singer songwriter White confirms his skill in the crafts of performance, songwriting and production. His music is at once realistic and imaginative: atmospheric and soulful.
 Claiming encouragement from BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins and BBC Introducing’s Phil Jackson, Luke and his album ‘Outside In’ are quietly building a solid support base with reviewers picking out everything from production to lyricism, guitar work to vocals as the ‘main’ attraction. His music is open to interpretation, it dabbles in genres, and moves between emotions.
 Following on from the well-received EP ‘The Performing Man’, Luke White’s debut album ‘Outside In’ is a mature, melodic record. He is a highly gifted writer –performer with an innate gift for finding universal truths in seemingly specific, out-of-the-ordinary phrases and everyday occurrences. ‘Outside In’ is the result of a long period of introspection and soul-searching, each song providing intimate snapshots of life presented in new and original ways.
  ‘Outside In’ is wholly one artist’s musical vision. Luke notes “I don’t see (the production process) as separate from writing or recording at all … producing the album myself just seemed to make sense as the songs were being written.” The result is a deeply rewarding, richly engrossing debut album.
 Now released on Strongwire Records (through Warner distributor, ADA) “Outside In” has seen support from the likes of Spin or Bin who said of it an “excellent debut album from a man who has obviously got talent” with AAA Music citing his lyricism as “observant and witty whilst telling a common story” and Shout4music pointing to his musicianship saying “his guitar work is simple but stunningly effective and every turn”.
 Luke’s debut EP ‘The Performing Man’ was released in 2011 and was featured on BBC Introducing, drawing great praise from presenter Phil Jackson who said “the overwhelming impression you’re left with is the hook and the voice.” Other praise for the EP came from the likes of The Evans Review, who noted it “sounds breathtakingly good,” and Fake DIY who called it “anthemic piano-driven pop.” Radio has supported Luke with Amazing’s Jim Gellatly giving airplay to ‘She’s A Dancer’ and Affinity Radio naming his EP Record of the Week.

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