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Lovelight – Pigeon Park – Review

The rocky intro and claustaphobic setting for the video of ‘Lovelight’  sets an imposing and intense introduction to what will be an intoxicating mix both visually and aurally from Vancouver five piece Pigeon Park.

 Opening with a blast of gritty guitars and then fusing into an eclectic and engaging mix of funk, blues, and rock this track from their latest EP certainly has something to offer everyone.  They combine so many genres, and do it so well, it would be hard to work out what their major influence is,  and would be near impossible to – if you pardon the pun – pigeon-hole them.

 Lead singer Nick’s powerful and evocative vocals belt through the song and the accompanying powerhouse of chords create a toe-tapping groove that it’s impossible not to get gripped by.

 As the video goes from claustrophobic room setting through to the band breaking through to the fresh air of the surrounding countryside,  so the music mirrors this as the guitar gets more wild and chaotic,  creating a sense of freedom in a marked contrast to the tight tune that preceded it.

 Having just returned from a tour over the water to promote their second album (also entitled ‘Pigeon Park‘ ) , we can only hope that a trip to the UK is on the cards very soon.

 Jackie Nutty

Editor of LLR since 2005

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