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Lostprophets – Jesus Walks – Review

Released on 10 September, Jesus Walks is the new single taken from Lostprophets album Weapons.

 A single that almost didn’t make it onto the album where we hear vintage Lostprophets; driving guitars, heavy percussion and with lead singer Ian Watkins’ trademark voice floating over the top, harmonies enhancing every verse.

 It’s a stand out song; upbeat and a definite crowd pleaser.  Suitable for both small venue and arena, the energy Lostprophets produce in their music is never disappointing.

 The lyrics have meaning; they’re not just a rock band being loud and nothing else.  Thought goes into the writing, it’s apparent from the subject matter.  With this single it’s not difficult to hear that they continue to get better, working on their instrumentation and creating a big chorus any fan would want to sing along to.

 Lostprophets are touring during November, as well as headlining the VANS Warped tour.  Don’t miss out!


Fran Bonner

Editor of LLR since 2005

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