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Long Faces- All This Confusion – Review


Indie Band Long Faces have recently released their second single from debut LP Old Friends, which is due to be released onto iTunes on the 28th of October. The track is titled All This Confusion and is a fantastic promotion for the upcoming album.

The band have plenty of experience independently in the music scene, giving them a wealth of knowledge to build upon, but they have only recently formed in 2013. Their sound is reminiscent of The Strokes and this is replicated heavily in the new single. However, All This Confusion, and the bands style in general, is not just a copycat sound, it has a softer and has a more relaxed feel to it.

The New Jersey twang in the vocals fits perfectly with the warmth of the guitar. This, added to the easy-going percussion, creates a clam soulful tune. This emotion is also incorporated into fantastically romantic lyrics written by the band themselves. Poetry isn’t as important in music as it used to be, but Long Faces have brought it back with venom. Creative and colourful images allow you to get lost in the track whilst the melodies keep you grounded in the music.

All This Confusion tells the story of relationships gone wrong. An incredibly relatable experience anyway, yet Long Faces manage to portray a range of emotions from heartbreak to desire and everything in between that are incredibly deep. This song is as complex as relationships themselves but at the same time, incredibly simple.

This alternative rock sound is somewhere in the middle of The Strokes and Young The Giant, but in a busy genre they have managed to carve out their own unique sound. With the debut LP on the way you can be sure it’ll contain more great tracks like All This Confusion.


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