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Kevin M Thomas

Originally, Kevin submitted the track, Little One for review. I couldn’t resist checking out the entire album though, I am nosy like that – it’s some sort of compulsion or disorder or something. What I found pleasantly surprised me, and puzzled me.

My introduction to Kevin set me up for “Acoustic Rock artist in the style of Sting, Steve Perry and Bruce Dickinson.” Now, Sting is an acquired taste, Steve Perry gets overplayed and Bruce was a nice old school touch that I was looking forward to hearing and whereas I hear what people are getting at with the actual quality of Kevin’s voice, there isn’t enough anger behind the delivery for Bruce.

However, if I were to describe Kevin in three artists, based on this album, I would say – REM, but better, a touch of Black Lab and more than a dash of James of Laid fame in the 90s. This is a great combination. I have already listened to the album 3 times. It is at once relaxing and refreshing.

Kevin is clearly an accomplished songwriter and has a knack of writing very listenable tracks that sound fresh every time you hear them. I was immediately taken back to my teens watching Buffy and imagining I was sat in the Bronze (yes I was and still am very much a geek).

This album has a touch of drama and all the makings of a great soundtrack – it feels as though a story is being told and it’s a story I would like to see.I only have one criticism for Little One, it isn’t long enough! I find myself putting it on loop – it is somehow addictive. I don’t tend to give too high a praise for albums or songs by anyone unless I have at least heard the track 10 times. I surpassed that some way back and have gone on to considering whether or not I can get it on my ipod.

I can whole heartedly reccommend this track to all my readers – check it out on the links –

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