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Interview with MY SLEEPING KARMA

Lyric Lounge Review caught up with MY SLEEPING KARMA for a quick 10 questions as they start off on their tour to support new album ‘Soma’

1.     You have just released your new album ‘Soma’, what was the inspiration for this record?

During the songwriting phase we had this idea with the Soma drink which is the intoxicating drink of the gods named in the famous Rigveda. So we thought this topic could fit to MSK as many people often tell us that our music is “trippy/hypnotic”or meditative.

 2.    There seems to be a plant theme running through the album, what’s the meaning of this?

We always try to give our album a kind of concept. The interludes for example include noises coming out of nature.  This is related to the things shown on the album cover which are all ingredients might used for the soma drink.  The soma could be used to get high – just like our music……..

 3.    How does writing an instrumental album compare to writing a regular 4-piece band record (with vocals)? 

 I think it is easier to write music without vocals. You just need to focus on the feeling of the music – no need to wait, if the singer comes up with a good hook line.  On the other hand – if you have vocals, it is also possible to use not that good riffs by just put some vocals on top.  We had both in our career – and I think we are happy right now with our situation!  

 4.    Your album seems extraordinarily balanced between the calm sections and the rocking out sections. Is this a structure that is important to you?

 I think so. During songwriting we often start with some smooth, chilling riffs. The thing is – if you play this soft parts a little bit longer – it often turns to get boring. This is the moment when it needs to get more aggressive, more heavy.  I mean – we do not plan to always end up heavy – but in fact it comes often because we all love this heavy stuff very much…  

5.    Your PR release says you are “on the path to enlightenment”. Is this a spiritual or musical reference?

The most important thing for humans is to find the inner self. I think more and more people understand and feel like this.  It doesen´t matter, if you call  this spirituality or science. To us our music is a kind of tool to help finding our inner selfs  – because music often turns the inside to outside and makes it hear- and feelable. So – in the end you can say : it is both.

6.    A tour with Monster Magnet is just around the corner. Have they been an inspiration on My Sleeping Karma?

Especially the Spine of God Record is a unique and legendary masterpiece of psychedelic Rockmusic.For sure Monster Magnet had a huge influence on MSK


7.    You share a record label with Monster Magnet. Napalm looks like a pretty cool place for a band like My Sleeping Karma at the moment?

Of course. We are very  happy with their work and pretty much enjoy the chance to be a part of this family! 

8.    What other bands would you say played a big part in inspiring your music?

Our roots are mainly in the Metal from the 80s and 90s. But everybody is inspired by lots of very different bands. Just to name some few common faves: Tool, 35007 (Loose), Black Sabbath, Isis.  

 9.    Are you comfortable with being tagged ‘Stoner’? It seems inevitable that you get lumped in with that name when playing anything psychadelic or spacey!

Typical “stoner Bands” surely sound different than us.  we play and create rock music with a hyptnotic character. Listener can be free to call it whatever he wants…Stoner,Psychedelic, Retro…it doesn´t matter to much to be honest. Important is the music not the genre..

10.  Finally, what can we expect from the upcoming live shows?

As always we´ll try to give our very best. I only can invite you to join us and Monster Magnet during their spine of good anniversary tour.  

 Keep your good karma!

‘Soma’ is out now on Napalm!


Rob W

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